Equine Dentist Dorit Brown


Mobile equine dental care for horses and mules

I would like to help you and your horse with sensitive equine dental care from routine yearly dental checkups and preventative maintenance by hand, to occlusal adjustments and geriatric dental care with machine – as needed.

My goal as equine dental practitioner is the health of the horse´s teeth as an important foundation for performance and quality of life of horses.

I am a well educated and experienced equine dentist.

Before I start to work I will do a thorough diagnosis to determine if and what kind of dental care is needed and will explain everything.

On my homepage I would like to inform you about the most important things in the context of dental care for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

  • Why is horse dental care so important for you and for your horse?
  • How do you know your horse may need dental treatment?
  • What benefits do you and your horse have from regular proper dental care of your horse?

For questions please feel free to call, text or send me an email to equidentbrown@icloud.com.