Equine Dentist Dorit Brown

How do I work?

I first will do a thorough dental exam and explain in detail if and which problems exist and need to be treated. If your horse is calm enough and you feel like it, I will let you feel the inside of your horse’s mouth. If sedation is and thus consulting a veterinarian is necessary we will schedule the treatment.

Depending on the need, I offer the following services:

  • rasping of sharp edges of the molars in upper and lower jaws
  • removing hooks and ramps
  • correction of chisel teeth and ATR's
  • correction of stairs, waves and steps
  • shortening and leveling of the incisors
  • shortening and rounding of the canines (stallion teeth)
  • removal of plaque
  • optimization of occlusion

Depending on the treatment I use different hand rasps and sensitive machine equipment. My goal is to achieve a well functioning masticatory system, a set of teeth that will not cause any pain to the horse.

For my work I need warm, clean water, a flat, clean and dry spot to work at and an electrical power plug in, if I am working with machines.