Equine Dentist Dorit Brown

Prevention is the first step... dental prophylaxis in horses

What can you, as a horse owner, preventively do to avoid dental problems of your horse?

  1. Keep up with your horses dental checkups.
  2. Provide proper feed to your horse.
  3. Watch your horse.
  1. → Get your horses teeth regularly checked by a skilled equine dental practitioner or veterinarian specialized in teeth.
    How often should you get a dental checkup for your horse?
    Due to different stages of development of the horses teeth, there are different schedules depending on the age of your horse:
      → Young horses (1-5 years) with a developing bite and changing teeth: twice a year
      → Adult horses (6-15 years): with a fully developed bite: once a year
      → Older horses (> 15 years): with a senile bite, starting to lose teeth: twice a year
  2. → Enable your horse to graze full time if possible on low energy grass pastures. Feed from the ground with tough, long grass and branches (birch, hazel or apple tree), straw and everything else just as needed.
  3. → Watch your horse eat! Not long but regularly, it will help you detect change in eating behavior.